Nordic Journal of Botany

Nordic Journal of Botany

Nordic Journal of Botany (NJB) is published by The Nordic Society Oikos and appears with one volume per year consisting of 6 issues.

NJB is available as fulltext for subscribers on-line at and at Wiley Interscience.

NJB is published in cooperation with the journals Oikos, Ecography, Lindbergia, J. Avian Biology, the internet journal Web Ecology and the monograph series Ecological Bulletins.

Aims/scope for (NJB)

In a Linnean tradition, Nordic Journal of Botany publishes original contributions of relevance to the botanical biodiversity on earth. All aspects of the taxonomy, evolution, conservation and biogeography of plants (including algae and bryophytes) and fungi may be treated.

Contributions devoted to systematics (including phylogenetics, genetic variation within and among taxa, nomenclature and descriptions and revisions of taxa), biogeography, conservation biology and recent changes and threats to botanical diversity are welcomed.

In addition, manuscripts on macro- and micro-morphology, cytology, reproductive biology and ecophysiology are welcomed provided that the findings are presented in a taxonomic, evolutionary or biogeographical context. Authors are invited to submit manuscripts on original research within these fields as well as essays on recent developments in botany.


Torbjörn Tyler, Dept of Ecology, Lund Univ., Ecology Building, SE-223 62 Lund, Sweden.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Stefan Andersson, Dept of Biology, Lund Univ., Ecology Building, SE-223 62 Lund, Sweden.

Subject Editors for NJB

Anne Krag Brysting, Oslo, Norway
Molecular intra-specific variation and phylogeography

Arne Strid, Ørbæk, Denmark
Mediterranean vascular plant taxonomy

 Martin Cheek, Kew, UK
African vascular plant taxonomy

John Parnell, Dublin Ireland
Southeast Asian vascular plant taxonomy 

Bertil Ståhl, Visby, Sweden
Neotropical vascular plant taxonomy and biodiversity 

Klaus Høyland, Oslo, Norway
Fungal taxonomy and evolution 

Rayna Natcheva, Sofia, Bulgaria
Bryophyte taxonomy and evolution

Jørgen Kristiansen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Algal taxonomy and evolution 

Stefan Ekman, Uppsala, Sweden
Lichen taxonomy and evolution 

Alexander Sennikov, Helsinki, Finland
Nomenclature, Central Asian Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Petra Korall, Stockholm, Sweden
Molecular phylogenetics and systematics 

Brita Stedje, Oslo, Norway
Cytology and embryology 

Thomas Denk, Stockholm, Sweden
Palynology and anatomy 

Stefan Andersson, Lund, Sweden
Evolutionary processes and population genetics 

Åsa Lankinen, Lund, Sweden
Reproductive/pollination biology 

Pål-Axel Olsson, Lund, Sweden
Plant-soil-fungi interactions 

Per Milberg, Linköping, Sweden
Vegetation changes and conservation 

Jens-Christian Svenning, Århus, Denmark
Macroecology, broadscale biodiversity and global change 

Martin Cheek, Kew, UK
African vascular plant taxonomy

Guido Grimm, Stockholm, Sweden
Palynology and anatomy 

Knud Ib Christensen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Boreal and Arctic vascular plant taxonomy

Else Marie Friis, Stockholm, Sweden

Anne Krag Brysting, Oslo, Norway
Molecular intra-specific variaiton and phylogeography

Torbjörn Tyler, Lund, Sweden
Plant biogeography

Jasmyn Lynch, Mt Helen Vic, Australia
Australasian plant biodiversity

Alexandra Davey, Edinburgh, UK
Pollen micromorphology and its systematic implications

David Boufford, Harvard, USA
Vascular plant taxonomy of China

Catarina Rydin, Stockholm, Sweden
Seed micromorpholigy and its systematic implications

Hanna Weiss-Schneeweiss, Vienna, Switzerland
Cytology and embryoloy

Editorial Office

Managing Editor: Dr Tina d'Hertefeldt, Oikos Editorial Office, Dept of Ecology, Lund Univ., Ecology Building, SE-223 62 Lund, Sweden, Phone +46 462223792, <njb [at] oikosoffice [dot] lu [dot] se>


Direct all correspondence regarding manuscripts, copy-editing, proofs and publications to the Managing Editor <njb [at] oikosoffice [dot] lu [dot] se>

Direct all correspondence regarding subscriptions and distribution to Wiley.