pix   Liverworts of Greenland NEW

by Kell Damsholt

The book contains 626 pages with 192 illustration and 193 maps in hard cover.

Price €80.


Illustrated Flora of Nordic Mosses

by Elsa Nyholm

The Flora is produced by The Nordic Bryological Society.

Fasc. 1 (1987) Fissidentaceae Seligeriaceae.

Fasc. 2 (1990) Pottiaceae Splachnaceae Schistostegaceae.

Fasc. 3 (1993) Bryaceae Rhodobryaceae Mniaceae Cinclidiaceae Plagiomniaceae.

The three fascicles are sold as a set at Euro €60.




by Pehr H. Enckell.

685 pages.
Note: Swedish version only.

Price €20.


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